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Top 5 Marketing/Advertising Slogans

Take inspiration over these Top 5 slogans that have helped push their brands to millions of customers and made them the forefront of their industries.

1. McDonald's | *ba da ba ba ba* I'M LOVIN IT!

The infamous McDonald's slogan was first launched in 2003, when Justin Timberlake featured the catchphrase in his song of the same title. Its reported that McDonald’s spent $1.37 billion on advertising the year of “I’m Lovin’ It, which helped cement this slogan in pop culture even today. source

2. Maybelline | “Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline

This slogan was first used in 1991. The message behind this catchphrase is up for interpretation, with some people believing that the phrase promotes enhancing your natural beauty with their make up products. While others feel it gives off a message that you're only beautiful if you use a certain brand of make up products.


3. Heinz | Beanz meanz heinz

Created by Maurice Drake in 1967 this catchy slogan has been used ever since in all forms of Heinz's marketing. The phrase often wins on countdown lists & polls for the all time best advertising slogan. There was even special edition cans in 2017 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary! source

4. Red Bull | It Gives You Wings!

Since 1997 Red Bull have used this slogan, sometimes altering it slightly to "No Red Bull, no wings". "Its gives you wings" refers to the energy boost given from consuming their product. Although Red Bull hasn't been free of controversy for this phrase when they had to pay $13 Million dollars back to customers in 2014, after two class-action lawsuits stating their slogan wasn't true. source

5. Nike | Just do it

First coined in 1988, the slogan was inspired by Gary Gilmore’s (a criminal) last words: "Let's do it". This "tough take no prisoners" style ad campaign has remained in use & popular to this day. The slogan was voted in the top two tag lines of the 20th Century.

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