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Shameless Marketing Tactics (that work)

From over exaggerating to cute babies, here are some fool proof (but shameless) marketing tactics!

Massive numbers

Throw all the statistics, percentages and big numbers that you can muster at your audience. This tactic plays off the idea that bigger is better, so the more 000's the better.


They are so cute right? Smiling, funny + a few goo goo gah's for good measure and watch your product fly off the shelf.


You can either take the "Look how funny this animal falling over is" route or "How adorable are these puppies". Either one is a sure fire way to catch your audiences attention.


Sex sells. Whether you are saying how your product/service will make your customer sexier or a easy on the eye model is in your advertising, sex always sells. Enough said.


How great is what your selling? Well the answer is its amazing, life changing, the best, inspiring, the best in the industry and will solve world peace. Okay maybe not world peace but you get the idea.


A favourite with personal trainers, show your customers how bad they have been but your service/product with redeem them and solve all their problems.

News jacking

Catch a free ride with the wave of big news and trending topics and get all that oh so lovely exposure.

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P.S we don't use this tactics

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