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5 Ways to improve your marketing now!

Feeling impatient? Want to improve your online marketing? Not got much time? Well here is a few quick ideas & changes for improving your social media & marketing right NOW.

1. Check your Facebook username

When signing up on Instagram & Twitter you have to pick a username unlike Facebook. Setting a Facebook page username is often overlooked but makes it easier for customers to tag & find you online.

Go to your page - About - Username - Edit

2. Update your profile pictures

A good rule is to have a fixed profile picture that is easily recognisable to your customers, i.e Logo or shop front. Make sure the image is clear and displays correctly on your pages. Don't forget to show your personal LinkedIn a little bit of love, with a recent business profile shot.

3. Google my business

Head over to your google my business page and have a read through all your contact details, opening times & other information. Regularly checking your vital information provides clarity for your customers when they want to visit or contact the business.

Google my business homepage

4. Post on your story

Facebook, Instagram & YouTube offer the ability to post stories to your followers, as we are sure you know. Although they can sometimes be forgotten! Its a great way to get your customers opinion and get them involved and active on your page. So go make a quick update, post a poll or have a Q&A!

5. Engage

The best way to get engagement on your posts is to engage with others. Grab your phone and scroll through your feed like your customers, local businesses and local celebrities posts. Then head over to your profile and make sure you have liked any new photos you have been tagged in. Lastly make sure there are no unanswered messages sitting in your inbox!

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